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Blu-ray Review - Slaughterhouse


Hoping to launch his own horror icon in Buddy, the beefy, snorting, cleaver-wielding, pig-loving madman, writer/director Rick Roessler submits 1987's "Slaughterhouse," his take on "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," only with more consumption of Diet Pepsi. The slasher picture lives up to its blunt title, trying to creep out the room with happenings at southern slaughterhouses, pitting a group of fun-loving kids against dear old Buddy, who isn't about to be stopped by puny youth only interested in sex, dares, and amateur filmmaking. What separates "Slaughterhouse" from the pack is production polish, with Roessler backed by a talented crew who give the horror antics touches of artistry, making what becomes a routine display of killing somewhat memorable. And there's Buddy, who's a prototypical backwoods creep with atypical strength, with Roessler finding plenty of awful business for the monster to participate in. Read the rest at


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