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Blu-ray Review - One Million Years B.C.


Taking a chance on the creation of the universe, Hammer Films goes way back in time for 1966's "One Million Years B.C." It's no documentary, showing little regard for natural science and history, instead plowing ahead as a fantasy where more attention is paid to the precision of push-up bras than the true stats of prehistoric creatures. It's a remake of a 1940 effort, but director Don Chaffey doesn't seem inhibited by the recycling job ahead of him, bringing in special effects deity Ray Harryhausen to deliver some bang for the buck, imagining and animating all type of monstrous foes for the characters to battle. And when all else fails, there's Raquel Welch, who, in her own way, is an even more dynamic special effect, taking top billing as the pivotal tribal woman running around the cooling Earth clad in little more than a loincloth. There are half-naked actors, rampaging dinosaurs, volcanic disasters, and very little dialogue. What's not to love here? Read the rest at


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