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Blu-ray Review - Who?


There was no shortage of strange sci-fi and fantasy tales from the 1970s, a decade that was wallpapered with outrage and paranoia, fueling such endeavors. It was a way to provide global commentary to those perhaps unwilling to listen, or identify trouble when it wasn't allowed. 1974's "Who?" is one of the stranger offerings from the era, merging the oddity of cyborg construction with the gamesmanship of Cold War spy missions, wrapped up in a detective story of sorts that takes everything presented onscreen with the utmost seriousness. It's an adaptation of an Algis Budrys novel, which keeps it away from B-movie shenanigans. Instead, "Who?" questions the nature of identity and the price of national security, all the while featuring actor Joseph Bova dressed up as a robot, and there's not a single character who's disturbed by the sight. While hardly outrageous, the picture is strange enough to hold attention, using the oddity of the robot visual to sneak in some interesting thoughts on the nature of humanity. Read the rest at


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