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Blu-ray Review - Doomwatch


While it began life as a BBC show in 1970, 1972's "Doomwatch" hopes to bring its message of global health to a larger audience with a feature-film continuation. Mindful of repetition, the production alters a few elements from the television program, attempting to make the movie its own thing, which generally involves isolating the lead character from the comforts of big city science as the story plays out inside a coastal Scottish village. Perhaps this attempt to revive "Doomwatch" is best left for longtime fans of the series, who already have an appreciation for its blend of genre pursuits and procedural might, though newcomers to the concept aren't left hanging, as director Peter Sasdy tries to infuse the picture with a sense of environmental urgency, even if the overall effort has trouble unearthing chills and thrills. Read the rest at


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