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Film Review - Paranoia

PARANOIA Harrison Ford

For a decent thriller to work, there should be some sense of plausibility to help develop a connection with the audience, allowing them into the scheme of things through recognizable elements of suspicion, espionage, and accusation. “Paranoia” doesn’t exist on the Earth that we know and love, but a parallel dimension where handheld technology is capable of anything, destroying lives with the press of a smartphone button. Director Robert Luketic’s mistake is that he doesn’t brand “Paranoia” as sci-fi, instead trying to wow viewers with a contemporary tech-based suspense film that’s so focused on glowing screens and the titular anxiety, it abandons any shred of realism, thus turning a simple story of corporate spying with enticing possibilities into an extended run of silly make-em-ups that never congeal into nail-biting astonishment. Read the rest at


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