Blu-ray Review - Mental
Minnesota Movie Ads - May 1995

Blu-ray Review - 23:59


Most horror films are content to manufacture a single menace, concocting a spirit, demon, or monster to terrorize innocents, using the run time to expand on the motivation of the otherworldly antagonist. The Malaysian fright fest "23:59" somehow settles on at least five different directions of torment, allowing itself only 75 minutes to establish and figure out the design of doom. It's a messy, unconvincing picture emerging from a knowing place of experience, with monotonous barrack life in military service the setting for Gilbert Chan's effort, pouring his history with ghost stories and urban legends into a movie that should really only take on a single evil entity at a time. Overwhelmed and undercooked, "23:59" is earnestly acted, helping to ease obvious directorial discomfort, but there's too much going in this small-scale endeavor, which loses coherency the longer it engages in constant gear-shifting when approaching the formation of an engrossing paranormal villain. Read the rest at


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