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October 24, 2010


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Rory Dean

Hey Brian,
Pretty solid review and while I can't comment much on the Blu-Ray aspects (haven't upgraded the gear in that direction) I see we found a lot of similarities in this film (see a link to my review below). I can see how you might bring in some comparisons to a Coen's film, especially Fargo (and not just for the wintry back drop, they operated similarly with No Country) but this film is stripped even further away from character as though each person is so numb and removed from the outside world as to at times appear chilled to the bone, expressionless, locked in motion and routine. Good points about Hawks - he really shines in a menacing, methlab fiend. I think he's come a long way since Me and You and Everyone We know which I thought was mediocre despite the 'indie-darling' treatment the film received. I think that happens a lot with Sundance lab projects.

Again, I can't comment directly on the really detailed specs you offer on the blu-ray DVD (I'm sure those with the gear will appreciate the thorough details you've gone through). I'd only add how much I felt like this film seemed to hold back just a little too much, that at times as we moved from scene to scene, everyone wore the same tired, drawn and dour look on their face that while consistent with what it must be like living in such a remote part of hell, I felt the story would have benefited from some other character to off-put the rest. I'm only really picking here since I did overall really enjoy the subtle and the silence.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my review if you're interested.


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