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June 02, 2010


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Tim Thomas

I disagree with this review. I found the movie to be an intelligent discussion of science and a cracking horror picture.


The author needs to read some interviews with Vincenzo Natali. Most of the film is backed up with Hard science, or science that is just around the corner. I have yet to see the film, as I am going to this weekend, but have known about it for a few years and have been following it because of all the study and hard work that has been put into it.

Jacob Brigman

Did not enjoy a single frame of this picture. Lousy acting, laughable plotting (science or not, how about the director serve the genre before the suspect science), and a howler of an ending.

Good god, no wonder Natali couldn't find work for years.

I wish I read this review before I paid my $5 to see this botched abortion of a film.

Brian, you are officially bookmarked.

Richard M

Heard many bad things about the movie but I decided to see for myself. It's terrible. I feel awful that I wasted my afternoon on such moronic trash. Science or not, how about we get a filmmaker who can actually SUMMON SUSPENSE!

I read it took two years for this film to make it to theaters. Ouch.


If this movie is actually based on hard science (yeah...), then they did a LOUSY job of communicating that. Pretty terrible from start to finish. I just feel embarrassed for all of those people defending the "hard science" featured in this stinker.

Better luck next time Hollywood!

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