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May 24, 2010


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Marc Kandel

Holy shit Brian that kid does that so methodically and purposefully you'd think he was a 16 year old in juvie hall. Again, well done, and I'll pop up what I put on EFC here too:

I was lukewarm on it back in the day and flat out cold on III, but the years have softened that mentality and frankly I think both sequels were essentially put on trial and sentenced to death for simply not being "Back to the Future".

Nowadays I can watch both and admire how the stakes and pacing are sustained, how III gave all the actors we had come to know from the first film an opportunity to really show their acting chops (particularly Biff and the Principal- too lazy to IMDB it right now)- frankly the biggest problem I have with the films now, which was, other than the two not being the first one, was the whole "what's the matter Marty? CHICKEN?" character trait which tells us Marty makes rash decisions that will affect his life poorly so a subplot can be advanced, with all the subtlety of a flying mallet. The shoehorning of this device just glared at me throughout the film and I found it distracting and clumsy.

Brian, you could do one of these for every year since birth and I'll

Nick Pearson

Awesome Brian! I'm ready for another summer of movie memories! I didn't see quite as many films theatrically in 1990 as I did 1989 but this will be fun. I loved Back to the Future 3 just as much as the first 2. Today, I'll only watch part 2 and 3 back to back as one complete movie. It's so sad to see the DeLorean smashed at the end because we knew it meant the end of the series despite Doc's train.


Yay the summer diary is back!!! This and hurricanes lets me know what time of year it is :)

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