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December 15, 2009


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You couldn't be more WRONG


Spot on! Thanks for making me feel like I'm not going crazy. It absolutely gets a 10/10 for technical merrit, but I feel like saying to people who ask me how it is, "If you really loved the over-cheesy dialog in Titanic, you will LOVE this movie." It just didn't seem to fit.

I'd totally watch the whole thing again on mute :)

Also, I have to say it: This is a grown-up version of the movie "FernGully" Forest in danger, check; ignorant human man that transforms into something able to see the beauty of the forest, check; greedy humans out to destroy said forest, check; features a species able to communicate with the trees, check; ignorant human man that tries to thwart the efforts of the greedy humans in the end, check; princess that will one day be the spiritual leader of the society, check. I could really go on and on.

Cameron, did you think the hard-core fans of the 1992 animated movie with a soundtrack by Raffi weren't going to catch on?! Oh you are sooooo mistaken...

Daniel Kelly

Harsh judgement. The high percentage on RT shows you are very much in the minority on this one Brian. I respect you alot but I certainly don't think you've made the right call here.

James King

Actually, this review is very much inline with the majority of reviews on rottentomatoes. Most critics mark the film as being superbly viewable on a visual scale, but lacking in the story department. The term "corny" has come up a lot. It all depends on what you rate higher, the way the film looks, or the way the story tells. Most of the positive reviews take pains to note they evaluated it principally on the way it looks.

I was looking forward to Brian's review, as I find myself in agreement with his reviews quite often, perhaps more so than any other critic out there. I'll have to wait until Saturday to gauge my take on the film.

Marc Kandel

before Brian is eviscerated by the RT Grand Jury of Opinion who in reality have little to no stake in the film other than enjoying it or not (and if somehow you do enjoy some sort of profit if the RT Rating reaches 100% can you please show me how because that's a line of income I could use), can you take a breath, carefully read Brian's review where we can see admiration for Cameron as a superb storyteller and director and kudos given to technical achievement despite intelligent criticism of the weaknesses in "Avatar" and recognize that personal opinion, in this arena, is never right or wrong, its opinion. Brian's review is not going to save or damn "Avatar", it doesn't invalidate your opinions or remove your ability to like or dislike the film for yourselves. 'kay, gonna try not to sprain my ankle getting off the soapbox...


While I liked watching Avater, the blogger was correct on all counts - thanks so much for not following the Emperor's New Clothes crowd.

Cameron was never big on deep characterisation, but this is shallow even for him. Totally agree with the blogger: '12 years away and this is the best script he could come up with?'

+1 !

M. Carolyn

I agree with the review-- except to add that I did not feel that special effects were that great, either-- (it had the feel of a video game via Disney via 'anyone will be awed with 3-D effects'. I wasn't.)
The film was a huge disappointment as it tried to be all things to all people-- and thus hit the lowest common denominator, sadly.

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