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September 11, 2009


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One of the best teen slashers in recent memory. Fans of 'Scream', 'IKWYDLS' and plenty of other slashers will love this. Slasher fans and lots of horror websites are loving it for a reason. Roll on the sequel.


This movie was terrible! What a waste of my time...

I laughed so hard through this review! Awesome writing man! I'm making a note right now to not allow my daughter to attend the University of NoMeansMaybe right now.

Seriously hilarious stuff!

And fellow commenter "B" you should probably think about getting your head examined...I mean everyone's allowed their opinion, but really. Really? You're excited for a sequel to this crap?

Now I must go print this review out and frame it on the wall.

Candice Anderson

Total piece of crap movie, and thank you for mentioning the shaky camera nonsense. Does every film need to look like it was shot during an earthquake?

This is a terrible slasher film, don't let anyone fool you. If the "horror websites" like it, you know its bad. Those guys are more corrupt than the republicans. They'll do anything for set visits and junket invites.

What garbage. Surprised you didn't mention Carrie Fisher in the review. Considering how she looked and sounded, I understand why. We'll always have Slave Leia.

Two words: Audrina Patridge. F**k this movie.


You can blame the media for dreck like this. People find insufferable buffoons so damn charming. How can you explain the success of "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and its spinoff, as well as every piece-of-shit reality show on ABC, MTV, NBC, and VH1?

But how gorgeous does Audrina Patridge look on this month's Maxim magazine!

Jim King

I hate to say it but that picture at the top is enough for me to want to give this a try. Maybe they should gone for a more soft-core-porn approach.

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