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September 25, 2009


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a "few" weeks? how about 103 and counting?



A few week on The Times bestseller list...ohh, you mean a few years. How is this film any worse than The Hangover? It is certainly more realistic. You seem to loathe Tucker Max, which is mostly warranted, but this is a movie(see also: not real, fiction, entertainment). The film is not intended to promote any social ideal or lack thereof.

FYI-Peter Jackson does not promote the enslavement of alien beings. Sasha Cohen does not have a blatant disregard for the safety of adopted African American babies on motor scooters. You should never be allowed a soapbox to speak from.

Dave Mulchachy

All those weeks on the bestseller list, and the film makes $369,000 on 120 screens. OUCH.

Who is Tucker Max again?

For comparison: Capitalism does $240,000 on FOUR screens.

Sorry Tucker, your film career is over.

Bradley Seattle

I've never heard of Tucker Max either. Movie sounds like shit.

King Bee

There are people actually out there defending this tool and his crappy movie?

Wow. Those first two comments are probably Tucker Max himself.


For what it's worth, I would rather listen to the Brianorndorf.com soapbox any day than the Amber soapbox. I like to avoid the soapboxes that are pro-sexism and don't have any idea what they're talking about when they say movies don't send any messages or mean anything. Yeah, that's why directors make movies (PS - Peter Jackson didn't direct District 9), they make movies so that no one will listen to what they have to say or witness their take on the world.

Keep up the good work Brian! Thanks for reminding me of the garbage out there so that I can appreciate more the movies I actually spend money on seeing :)


I'm sure this horrible and troubling film will do well enough with the frat boy types it has been engineered to appeal to, and date-rape culture will continue to thrive on college campuses.

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