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August 13, 2009


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You sound like a critic who's just itching to find the next long, drawn out foreign drama out there. How's you like Australia? I bet that was right up your alley. Face it man, this movie was never going to work for a guy like you. You're too biased and closed to see the funny side of things... and far too serious. You're overly negative comments have made me take you off of my movie reviewer list that I look at. Yes, I'm a Piven fan, and yes I'm excited about seeing the flick this Friday. My grade for your movie reviewing skills: D.


Critiquing the critique? Wow. How's you like that?

I have to totally disagree. The reason I come to this site is to read this guy's assessment of movies based on his point of view. I don't always agree, but the quality of writing here is what keeps me coming back. I don't think he's too serious, I think he can cut through the bullshit movies that aren't funny to begin with. Did you read his review of UHF? And you think he takes life too seriously?!

Go to the places you can respect the writing even when you disagree with the person's opinion on the horrible, horrible acting "talents" of Jeremy Piven.

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