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August 19, 2009


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The Sexy Armpit

Brian - I'll heed your warning, but the visuals look great and what a cast! lol...I may still check it out when it gets to cable in about 3 weeks! haha

Aldo Cobos

I've seen the movie. I have four kids and we all loved it. You have a better appreciation for these movies if you're a parent. You love showing your children a good time. Just good clean fun. Shorts is a good time. It's a kid movie Brian. It's for the kids, Brian, and they were loving it.

Mosaka Lipschitz

Kids would be entertained by a test pattern. I would rather not have children dictate their entertainment.

Booger monsters? Fart jokes? This film sounds awful. Just like every other cruddy family film around.

Where the hell is Sin City 2???

Tero Ahlfors

I liked this when it was called CJ7.

Aldo Cobos

I saw the movie, Lipschitz, you didn't. I'm telling you it was good, especially good for the kids. It has a good moral. You have to see it to be able to criticize it. Brian beats it up to the point where you think he may have other motives. That's all I'm saying. Lighten up.

Cheryl Anderson

I saw the film at the Austin premiere. This critic is dead on about this stupid movie.

It's awful. My kid asked if we could leave halfway through it.

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