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August 07, 2009


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Jeffrey VC

Hey Brian, great review. I saw the film at midnight last night (so I could write my own review) and I ended up feeling the same way. The action NEVER stopped. I thought Transformers was crazy, but this topped even that. The plot reminded me more of Team America and Top Gun than anything else. I think I said this in my review, but it would make for a great video game or 2 hour CGI effects show. What it doesn't seem to be able to pull off is a real story.

What did you think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Though he was campy, I was entertained by his out of the box performance. It's a different role for him.

Is it just me, or are a lot of people labeling this movie as "good" merely because it's not as horrible as the trailer implied?

GI joe

Most of the movie was good, but it did have some ugly parts. I thought the characters were not very well defined, esp( cobra commander and Destro).

The stupid bionic suits i could have really lived without.

best character of the film was snake eyes and cobra's ninja. If it wasn't for them, this movie would have really suck donkey balls

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