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June 15, 2009


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Rob Gonsalves

Vampire's Kiss was reportedly butchered by its distributor prior to release, which could explain some of the shapelessness. Still dig it as an example of Full Metal Cage, though.

Egon's girlfriend

Great job Brian!

You don't think the funniest line in that movie is when they all switch on their proton packs for the first time and sing, Do, Ray, Egooonn! Egon looks so pleased with himself... Like, yeah, I'm pretty cool.

I think you might reconsider when you watch that scene again...


Egon's girlfriend said it first, but when I saw Ghostbusters 2 on Bravo a few months ago, I laughed out loud at the Do, Ray, Egon line! Ghostbusters isn't perfection, but it's good stuff.

Tyler Foster

Having seen Ghostbusters II many many times, I've finally identified my problem with it: It cuts in on the jokes. The subtle difference between Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II is that the sequel treats the stars like stars and gives every one of them close-ups for punchlines, instead of the original, which remains a few steps back from them and lets the banter play out in wider shots. Reitman's technique for the sequel robs it of its feeling of off-the-cuff looseness, and that's my problem with it more than anything.

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