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June 17, 2009


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Jay Amabile

I've been wanting to see this so bad, but not really after I read your review. Where the hell did you see this? I want to see it! lol


I really, really disliked this movie.


And let me expand on that comment a bit further by repeating what I posted back in February.

Like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, I felt this film was overhyped and I came away disappointed AND I felt that it could have had a much better ending.

Some of the things I did not like about the film was the way it was shot. I know they are trying to breathe life into what is basically just another slasher. But the camera techniques and what-not were better left for smarter movies. None of the characters were likable. Not that this really matters, I guess, but wouldn't that be a stretch for a teen slasher - likable characters. They focused so much on the sex, drug use and back-stabbing nature of all of the characters that I wanted them to die at the hands of a killer I disliked even more. I could expand on some of this, but I don't want to spoil anything. But for those who have seen it, my issue is that the motivation for the killings was DUMB.

For the good. Well, the lead chick was easy on the eyes and showed a little range. The fact that the black guy was not treated like "the" black guy and was actually shown to be identical to his peers was refreshing. It looked nice. Hmmm. Other than that, it was just a slasher with one of the most predictable twists I have seen. You could tell in the first 10 minutes what was going on.

Oh, the gore. For anyone wanting a gory slasher, don't let the few reviews out there fool you, it is NOT gory. Some of the kills are violent, but not what I would call gory.

To sum it up, I was quite bored with the movie and once again, fail to see how come it is getting high marks from horror sites, although I have my guesses. But it does get some points from me for trying to offer a bit of style to an otherwise bland slasher.


Oh yeah, maybe it is because I am older, but when they used the Go-Go's song to show a bit of the high school, the first thing that came to mind was that I was watching an episode of Cold Case Files :).

Dammit! I forgot to add how this movie could have ended BETTER!


They should have had the killer be the guy who jumped in the pool. Revenge or some shit against Mandy and her new friends. The two twists they could have used would be to make it look as if her best friend was doing the killing the entire time, but at the end, have him killed by the guy who jumped in the pool, showing that her friend had only followed to spy and make sure Mandy was ok.

Then, to further the twist, show the reason why Mandy was not into any of the boys that were after her was because she was in fact, gay. Have the final two survivors be her and another female she has had a crush on. Make slasher history as the two fall into a bloody, passionate kiss after they somehow dispatch of the jock killer, Now THAT would be an ending I would have rather seen.


Come on Brian, what do you think? My ending was much cooler, huh?

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