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July 24, 2008


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Lady A

Oh my goodness this movie looks like a piece of crap. But damned if I don't have "Cry Little Sister" just CRAMMED in my head now...


I agree that the film was pretty much a piece of crap, but I thought they did an excellent job of paying homage to the original, which kept me entertained. When I saw the sax player on the corner I lost it :)


This movie was a rotten piece of vomiteria! YES....I made up a new word just to describe this sh*&ty film! It is not worth renting...not worth even 5 minutes of watching!!! I was so excited about a sequel to the Lost Boys...one of my fave horror movies of all time.

In a nutshell, there are no salvagable aspects of the movie. Acting was flat, plot...oh wait...there wasn't one...and even the makeup were not engaging or believable.

This movie could have been soo much better! I mean..they got Tom Welling for the friggin Fog remake...they could have spruced it up for a theatrical release...but instead, Warner Brothers threw it together without any real entertainment value other than the fact that this film shares the same name as the first movie.


I thought it was Jason Patric in the original, not Rob Lowe. Anyway, there was no real reason for this sequel other than a quick cash grab. I'm still holding out for a License to Drive prequel.


Sorry, I forgot about the poster. :) The really disturbing Rob Lowe poster, disturbing in the fact that Corey Haim's character was what? 13? Confusing.

Christian Toto

Was Corey Haim in this one at all? I caught about five minutes of his reality show and he was pulling an attitude on the set. Thought they might have cut him out as payback.

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