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June 29, 2008


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thank y i want to see film xanadu

Nicki tedesco

I'm actually sad to read that this movie was a flop and a career killer. It changed my life! I know it sounds stupid but I was 10 and the main gist of the movie was to follow your dreams and all that. As a ten year old I loved it! And ONJ on roller skates...that was heaven to me! I have a select few friends who feel the same. I guess that's why it's a cult classic.

Jeff Phillips

Don't you folks believe it. This was a wonderfull movie. It needs to be appreciated for its time, not in todays absence of feelings. Going off to the theatre back then and watching the likes of something fantastical was realy great. Times were much harder than today and seeing something completely different opened our minds to what may be in our world. Too many care for the cold and calculating, others find wonder. I know which I choose. Industry or Art folks? From Olivia, to Gene Kelly, and the sounds of the Electric Light Orchestra, very nice indeed. They don't make them like they used to, sadly. Watch this movie!

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