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April 04, 2008


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Wow. This is a pretty harsh review for what I thought was a very good movie. It has some very good lessons for young people about courage, independence and caring. I went with two adults and we all enjoyed it. The kids in the audience seemed to be eating it up, too, especially when the animals were involved. I thought all three actors did a great job. In case you hadn't noticed, Jodie's character was SUPPOSED to be neurotic and antsy. Gerry did a great job as both dad and adventurer and Abigail was very convincing as Nim.

Lady A

Good. It looked like a D+ trailer, so I'm glad no one on the marketing team lied to me.


Suzy, did you actually read the review? Please do so before you leave moronic comments.


Totally agree with the review....Jodie Foster's days as an ingenue are over, she's aging rapidly. She's supposed to "love" the character of Alex, but cannot stand to have Gerard Butler hug or touch her. Draggy movie, with plot holes, (kid being blamed for volcano erupting, solar batteries that are under the palm tree canopy actually working, her ability to climb mountains with a knee so full of infection, it's pus-filled, Dad floats home from the middle of the ocean with pieces of his boat, when we see a camera shot of it under the sea....

This movie, designed for pre-teen girls, will drive them crazy, they're more savvy then that. Hope the "American Girl" movie has more intelligence.

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