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March 28, 2008


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Christian Toto

The fart joke is the last refuge for the humor-impaired. Don't get me wrong ... a good fart joke can be inspired, but usually when a fart is expelled in a movie it means the filmmakers are coasting until the next joke comes up in the script.

Good takedown. I wouldn't dream of wasting $10 on this. Poor Leslie Nielsen.


I have to completely disagree. "Superhero Movie" was hilarious to me, and I HATE slapstick done badly. I thought it actually pretty good. Not a classic of comedy, but funny and sweet.

Emilio Buono

I also have to completely disagree, Superhero Movie was absolutely hilarious, easily the best film of 2008 for me, and i have seen many.

Meet the spartans was the worst film ever, horribly made, but Superhero Movie was well made, and soooo funny, i was actually crying with laughter at some points.

Whoever gives this film a bad review is actually retarded.

Emilio Buono

And just to add, Alvin and the chipmunks, is an actual pile of shite.


this movie sucks

this movie sucks balls


Pammy and her boobs are in it. I don't care what the rest of the movie is like. It got my money (dollar rental night though)


To "Duuude"-

You call anyone who hates his film "retarded"... hm... let me think..... Anyone with HALF a brain could tell this film was a major suck festival, full of crude and UNFUNNY jokes. This movie has to be the worst, keeping "Epic Movie" (which also was horrible) in mind. HORRIBLE!!!!

p.s- Go back to pre-k.


this movie was good, but had a horrible film script. i liked the comedy moments, but everything else sucked monkey nuts. they definantly could make this movie better


I actually found this movie funny. The fart jokes were funny for a few seconds, but sometimes they went a bit too far with it. Most of the movie made me laugh for a good amount of time. Overall, I found this movie to be funny.


It was quite a ridiculous movie. Some parts half decent but i guess it was alright. It was not as terrible as some people are making it out to be. And meet the spartans was hilarious. An awesome movie. Screw you all who think otherwise.


The trailers alone put me off of this film... but obviously from some of the above comments having an opinion is a crime punishable by death.
It also seemed to rely on sales from teenage boys going to watch it so they can stare at a woman's cleavage for about 60 minutes without being sprayed in the face by pepper spray.


I hated the movie...which is why I didn't see it...lol


This filim is a leperous scab on a herpetic sore on the mouth of comedy. One of the worst comedies made in years, (B.C. and A.D.). No redeeming qualities unless you are under the age of four, in which case there is unsuitable material that could stunt the more mature yet still fragile sense of humor of a toddler . It was a shame to see the Mom from Happy Days, Marion Ross, reduced to playing a role like the one she flatulates her way through in this film. Her 401k must have really tanked during last years Wall Street meltdown. The actor parodying Tom Cruise is the film's only saving grace, and he is only on for moments. If your idea of a fun evening is curling up to a chapter of Sara Palin's new "auto-biography", a frontal lobotomy, and some keelhauling in the nude, you'll love this film! Avoid, detour, develop a case of temporary hysterical blindness(and deafness), do not walk, run, run swiftly away from this film, lest it get something sticky and disgusting on you that won't wash off easily!

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